Blacks In Advanced-Additive Manufacturing – BiAM

This event is free and open to all MSEC NAMRC attendees, but registration is REQUIRED. Don’t miss this opportunity to advance your academic career and connect with peers in the field of manufacturing engineering! Register Now!

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 This event is sponsored by SME and ASME.

Event Overview: Mobilizing Excellence: Advancing Faculty Success in Manufacturing Engineering       

Date: Wednesday, 19 June 2024 from 4-6 pm
Location: NAMRC 52 Conference, The University of Tennessee Knoxville

Host: Dr. Chukwuzubelu Ufodike, Texas A&M University

Co-Host: Dr. Chinedum (Chi) Okwudire, University of Michigan

Join us for an enlightening and impactful networking forum titled "Mobilizing Excellence: Advancing Faculty Success in Manufacturing Engineering." This event, hosted by Blacks in Advanced-Additive Manufacturing (BiAM), is designed to inspire and support current and aspiring faculty members in the field of manufacturing engineering. Registration is free! Everyone is welcome.

Event Highlights:

  • Welcome and Introduction: Begin with a warm welcome from Dr. Chukwuzubelu Ufodike, Founder of BiAM, and Dr. Chinedum Okwudire, Co-founder of BiAM. Learn about the goals and significance of the forum in enhancing faculty success and professional development.
  • Keynote Speaker: Hear from a leading figure in manufacturing engineering or academia, delivering an inspiring keynote on the importance of excellence and innovation in faculty roles. Gain valuable insights and personal experiences that highlight the path to professional growth.
  • Panel Discussion on Faculty Development: Engage with distinguished faculty members from various institutions as they discuss strategies for professional development, career advancement, and achieving excellence in academia. The panel will share best practices and opportunities for growth within the field of manufacturing engineering.
  • Audience Q&A Session: Participate in an interactive session where you can ask questions, share perspectives, and seek advice from the panelists. This segment fosters meaningful dialogue and collaboration among attendees.
  • Launch of Mentorship Program: Be part of the introduction to BiAM's new mentorship program, designed to support and guide aspiring professionals in manufacturing engineering. Learn how to get involved as a mentor or mentee and the benefits this program offers for career development.
  • Collaborative Initiatives with ASME and SME: Discover collaborative efforts and resources available through ASME and SME. Representatives from these organizations will share their commitment to professional development and excellence, encouraging attendees to explore opportunities for involvement and collaboration.
  • Networking Session: Connect with peers in small group discussions during our facilitated networking session. This is a prime opportunity to build relationships, share experiences, and foster collaborations that can support your professional journey.
  • Closing Remarks: Conclude the forum with key takeaways and insights from Dr. Chukwuzubelu Ufodike and Dr. Chinedum Okwudire. Learn about the continued efforts to promote faculty excellence and professional development through BiAM, ASME, and SME's initiatives.

This Networking Forum promises to be a valuable and transformative experience for all attendees, providing tools, connections, and inspiration to advance faculty success in manufacturing engineering. Don’t miss this opportunity to mobilize excellence and take your academic career to new heights!